Born in Nicaragua, 1969

My work and process addresses characteristics of balance, measure and time.   I seek to uncover what is essential in these aspects of things and how I may employ them in the service of contemporary design.  My goal is to infuse everyday life with objects that speak directly to the constants and variables within all experiences. I blend ideas from photographic observation, sculptural studies, and product design.  

My process oscillates between various dimensions and works towards their opposite.  In doing this, I uncover what is constant in each dimension; I find what is given.  I then go is search of what is variable; what is possible to explore and experience within the framework of each project.  

The potential for each work to be interactive is paramount.  I search for the users place within my process as it moves between photography, sculpture and design.  My design relies on the participant's engagement through touch, site and orientation as well through ideas.  I seek this collaboration in order for the work to be mutisensory.  It is this interaction that reveals meaning for me and the user: the ultimate aim of my process.